Our Mission

Opera Breve is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of traditional expectations and introducing the magnificent world of opera to a brand new audience. Sometimes abbreviated. Always inventive. This opera company is not intended to be conventional, but rather, transformative; to present bold and brave interpretations of the standard and modern operatic repertoire and provide young, emerging artists the opportunity to perform roles that may not be available to them elsewhere. Opera for all.

Opportunities for young artists and creative initiatives are made possible by generous donations by patrons like you. To find out how to make a donation, please visit the donate page.

"The Opera Breve Vocal Intensive 2012 was a fabulous experience for me. I had the privilege of working most closely with Lenora Eve (Director) and Gary Norden (Music Director) on the production of Cosi fan tutte. Working with these amazing people pushed me in brand new ways and allowed me to seek within myself the necessary tools to blossom more fully as an actor and singer. In addition to being an outstanding teacher in vocal technique, Lenora also has amazing vision for how to bring opera to more people and how to show them that it's full of life and excitement. The music and artistic staff were spectacular in their guidance and willingness to encourage participant growth to the highest degree. I would recommend this program to any singer wishing to garner sound performance experience with a music staff that is both encouraging and will push you to your absolute best."

---Anna Petrie

"Opera Breve Vocal Intensive was my first young artist program, and I learned so much in those few short weeks. I came to the program expecting to stage an opera and work on aspects such as stage presence and musical interpretation. The program completely exceeded my expectations. By the end of the program, I truly felt like a completely different performer. Several of the big gaps in my limited knowledge, like how to create a strong résumé, were either narrowed or filled. The fantastic faculty helped me grow more than I could ever imagine. Each day was jam packed with individual instruction ranging from vocal coaching, diction lessons, and voice lessons. It is a nurturing environment where performers feel comfortable to expose themselves and step outside of their comfort level. Not only was I able to grow as a performer, but I made connections and lifelong friendships along the way. I am so grateful for the Opera Breve Vocal Institute. It was a wonderful program to start my journey as a young performer, and I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about performing."

---Page Madison